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After Marlon Brando's death Alice Marchak sued his estate for property and money owed her which engendered negative publicity when representatives of his estate held her up to ridicule and labeled her a "gold digger."

Alice decided she did not want people who didn't know her or Marlon, or her close relationship to Marlon, to define her. Therefore, she broke her silence and in a lively, witty, engaging manner she paints a picture of their entwined lives.

In refuting the charges, ME and MARLON opens the door into a personal relationship that will surprise and give more than a glimpse of the private off screen world of Brando - a self-proclaimed liar, con man, sex addicted, crazy individual. A man-child tortured soul whom Alice promised never to abandon and how this promise bound them together through years of chaos and crises-both personal and financial. This memoir covers the first several years of MARCHAK-BRANDO friendship which more than refutes the untrue charges and confirms the very close relationship that developed and which no one was able to put asunder.

For 50 years ALICE MARCHAK was the personal assistant and intimate friend to MARLON BRANDO oft proclaimed one of the greatest actors of his time.

After spending years traveling and living world-wide, Alice has put down roots and now resides in Newport Beach, California.